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“Like most bad ideas, it started with alcohol.” 

When a vicious serial rapist terrorizes the Bay Area, lowly beat officer Lukas Richter knows he can help. It’s said he can see through your skin and is more effective than a polygraph at detecting lies, which might seem like it would be a killer talent in law enforcement. But when a drunken boast has Richter seeing something he shouldn’t, he will be sorely tested: Does he have what it takes to make it in the SFPD — or will his career dissolve before it even starts?

If this short story were a movie it would be rated M for strong language and intense violence.

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The Bloodless Mask
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“They call it the bloodless mask. Once flesh and blood has been stripped away, there is only the skull, the final mask. If you don the skull, you don the spirit. You become that person.” 

When a headless body floats up near a San Francisco yacht club, newly-minted Junior Inspector Lukas Richter is assigned the case. With no leads, no suspects, and a partner unwilling to work with him, will his first case end up being his last?

If this novella were a movie it would be rated M for strong language and gore.

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“The water was so cold it blasted the air from her lungs….” 

Inspector Richter is a dying breed, a detective with his fingers on the pulse of the entire city in a police department rapidly decentralizing. But even Richter’s enhanced senses might not save his career when he is boldly approached by a man who insists his wife is trying to kill him. Can Richter sort out the truth before another public catastrophe threatens innocent lives?

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Inspector Richter Three Stories Now Available!
Get all three Richter stories in one convenient collection. 

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