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Judith Gold is a struggling ex-law student who lives with her brother and dreams of fighting crime. When her brother is rendered brain-dead by a tragic accident, Judith wishes she were dead as well. Then, she begins to possess her twin’s body whenever she sleeps. Now, Judith is enmeshed in a bloody mob war as she naively hunts for a mentor among the dark fringe of urban misfits that call Atlanta home.

Will Judith realize her goal of becoming a superhero? Will she find her brother’s consciousness, hiding deep inside his lifeless brain, and bring him back? Or, will she get his body destroyed before she has a chance to rescue him?

In this genre-spanning thriller, fast-paced action melds with heart-stopping adventure and a truly unique scenario to create a tale unlike any other. You’ll find yourself wanting more of this unusual duo. Don’t miss out! Others have called Dimorphic “action-packed,” “well-written,” and “inventive.” Get your copy today!

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PJ Taylor is a small-town journalist in Mayhap, Indiana with a propensity for getting into odd spaces and returning the most unusual photographs of the townsfolk’s indiscretions. Her secret is that every night at precisely sundown she turns into a cat, then back into a human at the first blush of dawn.

Summer nights are short and PJ finds she doesn’t have much time to investigate the death of a local man, drowned in a raging ravine when a dam upstream broke. Appearances seem to suggest the man had help into the violent waters behind PJ’s home neighborhood but, as PJ herself knows all too well, appearances can be deceiving.

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Inspector Lukas Richter is a San Francisco police detective with a cybernetic eye and heightened senses. Out of a dark and obscure past, he is the future of urban warfare: smarter and faster than his colleagues and more perceptive than a polygraph. If you’re guilty, he’ll see it.

In An Eye for a Lie, Richter’s first full-length novel, he is accused of cold-blooded murder when a firearms analysis confirms his gun as the murder weapon. In the background, the city is aflame over Richter’s shooting of an unarmed man, an incident some are calling “the Asian Ferguson.” Has Richter gone rogue? Or, is his insanity an unintentional side-effect of his augmentations?

In prose so smooth and descriptive you’ll be lost in this devious mystery from the beginning, An Eye for a Lie delivers on the promise of unforgettable characters, unexpected technologic twists, and unstoppable action. Intrigue abounds in this police procedural with a hint of cyberpunk. Pick up your copy today!