Dimorphic cover

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It’s easy to become a superhero.

First, discover a superpower. It might take a while to get used to, though — especially if it’s something as weird as being your twin brother half the time.

Second, recruit a sidekick. Or, two. It’d be nice if they weren’t a pyromaniacal sycophant and a foul-mouthed midget, but you get what you get.

Third, and most important, hire a mentor — preferably not a vicious mobster with a God complex, however, this may, realistically, be your only choice.

Finally: go forth and fight crime. Try not to get shot, beaten, tortured, or apprehended in the process.

Good luck!

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PJ Taylor is a small-town journalist in Mayhap, Indiana with a propensity for getting into odd spaces and returning the most unusual photographs of the townsfolk’s indiscretions. Her secret is that every night at precisely sundown she turns into a cat, then back into a human at the first blush of dawn.

Summer nights are short and PJ finds she doesn’t have much time to investigate the death of a local man, drowned in a raging ravine when a dam upstream broke. Appearances seem to suggest the man had help into the violent waters behind PJ’s home neighborhood but, as PJ herself knows all too well, appearances can sometimes be deceiving.