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writer cy: the review conundrum, part II: the indie reviewer

Everyone says getting honest reviews is key to any book marketing strategy. But, it’s harder than it looks. The first review conundrum was the apathetic reader, who won’t review your book even though they really liked it. This review conundrum, equally confounding, is the overworked indie reviewer: there aren’t that many of us, and we’re easily swamped. If only I could read faster, I might make longer inroads in my “to review” pile.


writer cy: the review conundrum part 1

March’s Writer Cy starts a little series about one of the most important parts of marketing self-published works: getting reviews. It’s really a chicken and egg problem. To get reviews you need a ton of people to read your book since such a small percentage will actually review it. But, of course, people only read books that already have reviews. So what’s a writer to do? Over the coming months Writer Cy will look at the inherent silliness of the problem.


Writer Cy: Why the male pseudonym?

Why would a woman in this day and age choose a pseudonym, especially a male-sounding (or anonymous) one? Why is J.K. Rowling “J.K.” instead of “Joanne”? Because books by men sell better. In fact, she had to borrow the “K.” to be “J.K.” because her publisher demanded it. Everyone knows that boys (her target audience) won’t buy books by a woman, right? Yes, indeed, we’ve come a long way. And yet in some ways … not.