Cy Wyss
I’ve heard it said, “If you can stop writing, you should.” That pretty much sums it up. A small fraction of authors get highly rewarded for their efforts but most fail to make even a ripple in the sea of popular opinion. In spite of this, there is something intrinsically rewarding about crafting ideas into words and telling a story. I am forever looking around in my life and assessing situations, scenery, or people for their viability in a good narrative.

I grew up in a tiny town on the prairies and always thought I’d be a writer. My life has taken many twists and turns but a part of me has always remained faithful to that dream. Like the mountains lining the horizon of my home, the dream is solid and eternal. I live in the mid-west now, where trees cover the land and block out that far off horizon. My heart will always be in the prairies, at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. I believe no environment touches us like that of our youth. It is unfortunate that, as Thomas Wolfe puts it, you can’t go home again. Though I can revisit my home town it is not like it is in my memories. People have grown up, moved on, and the town shifts and grows. Only the vast expanse of the prairies and the faces of those purple mountains are everlasting.

I steal time to write in the morning when no one else is up yet. My cat comes and sleeps in my arms while I type around him. Every good home workspace has a spirit animal. Mine is a jet black cat named Yellow with a soft purr and big amber eyes. I also write Thursday evenings with friends, and then on Sundays when I can. I get 3,000-5,000 words written every week, more if I’m really disciplined. My favorite genre is Mystery and it’s what I write in. It is endlessly addictive, creating characters with secrets and pitting them against one another. Who dies? Who detects? Every series is a world unto itself. Join me, and discover new boundaries.

Here is my current press page.