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Eyeshine 2 Cover Reveal

The picture showcased with this post is my favorite of the Eyeshine 2 cover reveal photos. I just love the coffee foam cat!

Today is the last day of the cover reveal. Follow me on social media for a chance to win some great prizes. Subscribe to my newsletter for multiple chances to win.

Check out Eyeshine 2 at Amazon here.

PJ Taylor, the feline shapeshifter, is back! Someone is kidnapping people’s pet cats and holding them for ransom. When PJ’s beloved niece is catnapped, the trail leads PJ to Nowhere, a tiny hamlet north of her hometown of Mayhap. What intrigues will PJ find among the inhabitants of this minuscule community? You can bet it involves at least one person up to no good and flushing this person out could be…murder!

Cy Wyss

I am an author currently residing in the Indianapolis area. I write and review mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction. Sign up for my newsletter at right and get a free short story.

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