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review of Ogden by Cory Abernathy



reviewed by Cy Wyss

A lab assistant accidentally pricks herself with a syringe that contains an experimental drug. This seemingly harmless incident leads to a deadly infection that turns people into zombies bent on consuming human flesh. The infection starts with one or two people and quickly spreads exponentially, leading to hordes of infected zombies staggering down the streets of Ogden. Law enforcement is at a loss for how to deal with such widespread devastation. One law man, Detective Desmond King, gets embroiled in the Ogden mess and tries to save as many of Ogden’s 1,200 citizens as he can.

Ogden was a fun read, if somewhat clichéd. I found the simple prose easy to get through, and the style improved as the book really got going. The cast of characters was believable, although the part of William Decker, the maniacal National Guard leader stretched reality perhaps a bit too far. Still, every book has to have a villain, and Decker made for a decent, if overdone, bad guy. People have commented on the King’s two dogs, as they are almost the only domestic animals seen in the book. The dogs provide a bit of relief from the heaviness of the story and it is fulfilling to see them play a large role by the end of the story. I do have one question, though. What happened to the cow? Other than that very minor (and largely tongue-in-cheek) concern, the book has a satisfying ending. A reasonable read for a summer afternoon.

Cy Wyss

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