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review of Augment by Heather Hayden



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Vicissitude (Vicki) Wandel is a sixteen-year-old runner with a loving family and an unusual computer friend. Her government mandates that augmentation (by changing your genetic code) and upgrades (artificial implants) must be distinct: if you have augmented, you must not upgrade, and vice versa. Vicki has upgrades on both legs and in her brain after a terrible accident when she was younger. The upgrades have always worked well, so why are they now suddenly failing periodically? And why does her blood test indicate augmentation, when she was always listed as natural?

Augment is not a long book. I found it a bit slow in the beginning, but by the middle it went faster, and by the last third I was genuinely thrilled. Vicki is a sympathetic heroine and her adversary, Agent Smith, is also sympathetic, which made the conflict interesting. Other characters aren’t as well developed, but nonetheless managed to hold my attention. The plot is good, especially once things start happening in earnest. Overall, I liked this offering very much and don’t hesitate to recommend it.

Cy Wyss

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