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review of Lunchtime Eavesdropper by Joanie Chevalier



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Lunchtime Eavesdropper is an episode from Marlee’s life. She gets into eavesdropping on others at lunchtime, but regrets her knew habit when she overhears coworkers speaking badly of her. This “Tragic Event” leads to Marlee changing herself: her hair, her makeup, her wardrobe, and her actions. As a result she is more accepted by her mean-girl colleagues, and they even invite her clubbing with them. But is that the life she wants? What will she lose if she keeps up the new pretense?

I found Lunchtime Eavesdropper a sweet and fun read. I loved it, especially the unexpected ending. Marlee is a character; I really liked the way she was developed throughout the story, using flashbacks as well as immediate action. The character of Larry was also well-drawn. Marlee’s mom, Hazel, is also a treat. With such loveable characters, how could the story fail to be a hit? It is short and left me wanting more. But that’s a good thing—it shows the author’s prowess. Looking forward to more.

Cy Wyss

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