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review of Infernal by T. Joseph Browder


by Cy Wyss


Richard Farris is a seemingly ordinary man, living in Kansas with his dog Charlie. During one particularly nasty winter storm, he finds a woman in his back yard who has been shot. Nursing her back to health threatens to be the end of him as sinister bad guys from an organization only known as BanaTech show up and want to end the woman’s life. By getting in their way, Richard makes himself a target. Tragedy ensues. Months later, living another life in another state, Richard is recruited by the woman to help her hide “the Key,” a necessary cog in BanaTech’s wheels. What follows is a madcap chase through not just Richard’s Earth, but twin earths in the multiverse. The author’s impressive imagination take us through other worlds and times to an explosive showdown, which I’ll try not to give away.

I liked Infernal a lot. At times I found the theology behind the multiverse distracting, as kind of a real deus ex machina for the characters. But the character of Richard (whose surprising identity I’ll leave to you to find out) really carries the show. I can’t imagine not rooting for someone who chose to go to prison so he could stop a vicious pedophile. Richard has a complexity of character that is rare in thrillers and it was a real treat to read about Richard developing and changing throughout the book. The plot delivered plenty of action and edge-of-your-seat thrills, as well as interesting and unforeseen directions. This book was hard to put down. Pick it up! You won’t regret it.

Cy Wyss

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