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review of The Gay Detective by Kenneth Michaels



reviewed by Cy Wyss

The Gay Detective is the story of Nick, a Chicago police detective and host of the television talk show The Gay Detective. The show is a big hit but its guests have the unfortunate habit of being murdered, as well as the director. More and more bodies pile up around the show until Nick and his partner, Norm, finally solve the case and figure out whodunit. The narrator, Nick, is a sympathetic figure who early on loses his partner. Nick seems almost too urbane at points for being a detective. Norm, on the other hand, is fairly stereotypically the fat, cynical older detective. The pair makes a nice couple (not romantic) and play off each other well.

I liked The Gay Detective a lot. I ended up reading it in one day because the prose was so smooth and easy to read. The plot isn’t overly involved but had a lot of action and carried me through the book. The supporting characters are solid, not too cardboard but not so thoroughly drawn as to detract from Nick and Norm. And, as I mentioned, Nick and Norm are a treat, they compliment each other well. All in all a good read for a cold winter’s day. Looking forward to book two!

Cy Wyss

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