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review of The Writing’s On the Wall by Philip Mordue



reviewed by Cy Wyss

There comes a point in any good book where the characters start to have a life of their own in my imagination and they become like friends, so I’m concerned what happens to them and where they’re going. For the Writing’s on the Wall, this point happened for me at about 40%. I wanted Detective Sergeant Victor Trimm to win and find the serial killer terrorizing his town. Trimm is a conflicted cop with a sad past and a drinking problem. His partner, DC Elizabeth Briggs is a long-suffering lady cop often tasked with covering for Trimm. Aside from the serial killer, Trimm and Briggs have organized crime (drug dealers) to wrangle as well as a kidnapped child. All the cases were interesting and I was happy to see Trimm’s solutions.

I liked the Writing’s on the Wall. The editing is impeccable and the writing is unembellished and to the point. The characters did seem to come alive, including Trimm’s obnoxious supervisor, Cash. You’ll find a good solid story here, with most of the characteristics that should be there: stolid yet colorful characters, a plot with the usual amount of twists and turns to make it interesting, and well-drawn settings. There was nothing particularly unique about this offering, but it was still a fun read and made for reasonable entertainment.

Cy Wyss

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