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review of Contact Us by Al Macy



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Contact Us is a fun story. Jake Corby is the world’s number one problem solver (according to a newspaper article written by presidential advisor Charli). He has a whopper of a problem to solve as an alien in a sphere has contacted Earth and informed us that he’s taking over. There are signs that the alien is very serious, if unbalanced. He appears as Walter Cronkite on broadcasts to Earth, using alien technology to make himself a perfect replica.

I liked Contact Us a lot. From about 10% I couldn’t put it down. You’ll find there’s a lot here. At points it reads like a dystopian fantasy. At other points, like a straight-up thriller. Yet Macy ties everything together well. The pace is good—fast, but not too frenetic. The characters are well drawn, but not to the point of slowing down the story. Jake Corby himself is a man with a past, and a sympathetic figure from the start. It kept me awake at night, just what you want from a good story.

Cy Wyss

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