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review of A Secondhand Life by Pamela Crane



reviewed by Cy Wyss

A Secondhand Life is the story of Mia, who got into a car accident when she was young. The accident killed her father and had her the recipient of a heart transplant. Along with the heart transplant, however, comes some undesirable memories of a murder. Who was the donor? How did she die? Mia becomes obsessed with answering these questions and they lead her to the trail of a serial murderer. Mia risks all to catch the killer, alienating her boyfriend and neglecting her job. And who is the shadowy man following her?

I liked A Secondhand Life. It started rather slowly for my tastes, but by about 60% I was hooked. The last 40% went fast. The writing is smooth and immersive, the descriptions are compelling but not too substantial as to get in the way of the action. I did think that Mia could have predicted who the murderer was much earlier, which was in some measure annoying. Yet there were still twists at the end that had me surprised. Overall a good book, just right for a weekend’s entertainment.

Cy Wyss

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