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review of Gravitas by Lynne Murray



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Gravitas is the story of Val-Sybil, a Valkyrie matriarch. She attends an intergalactic conference wearing Valkyrie ritual jewelry, a type of jewelry only a precious few are able to wear due to its contents: the liquid Gravitas. Gravitas is a potent aphrodisiac, a cross between pheromones and perfume. Even to wear the jewelry is to have your system set off in an uproar of horniness. Val-Sybil then has the misfortune to run into a Roggarian, literally, and the touch of skin on skin is more than he can bear. He ends up stalking Val-Sybil, with the result that they fall through a portal to a planet in the forbidden zone: Earth. Will they manage to get back to their own space? Will Val-Sybil be able to fend off the lusty Roggarian and manage her emotions over the Gravitas she carries? Find out in this fun romp.

I liked Gravitas a lot. The characters are memorable and interesting. I particularly liked that galactic space seems to be filled with all kinds of species and races from Earth mythology, but that in Gravitas it is the other way around—our mythology comes from brushes with those races and species. The fact Earth is forbidden because of its inhabitant’s propensity for overkill worship of other worlds is hilarious. There are many things about Gravitas that are equally fun and humorous. I loved the image of skinny pregnant women as having detachable “pods” for the coming invasion. The book is filled with similar jokes and images that will stick in your mind. Overall a smooth and magnetic read, I was only sorry it wasn’t longer.

Cy Wyss

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