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review of The Shade Ring by Connie Lacy



reviewed by Cy Wyss

The Shade Ring is the story of Neave and Will in a not-too-far-off future America. The ocean has risen, sending millions out of the coastal cities and into “new” versions of these cities further inland. The weather is more extreme and the earth is clearly under more stress. A landslide on a volcano off the coast of Africa causes huge tidal waves to hit many areas along the coast of the Atlantic ocean, including the coast of Georgia, where Will is working demolition in old Savannah. Can Neave get to him in time to save him from the tidal wave rushing toward him? That is only one of the dangerous scenarios either Will or Neave get into and have to save one another from.

The book is a smooth read and the editing is impeccable. The character of Neave is sympathetic, although she has a temper and can come across as rash. Will is attractive, and has a secret: he’s a clone. In the future, clones are the new target of racism and Will assumes Neave will leave him when she finds out. Neave is not that shallow, though, fortunately. The plot takes you from the waterlogged coast to the frigid arctic in a surprising (although improbable) combination of events. The villain is suitably egomaniacal, and the story includes an unfortunate additional villain in the form of Neave’s father. Why is he so set on building a thin ring around the equator? Will it really help with global warming, or is there something else going on? I found the solution satisfying given the rest of the story. Overall a decent read, especially for fans of romantic suspense.

Cy Wyss

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