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review of The Legacy by E.A. Briginshaw



reviewed by Cy Wyss

The Legacy is the story of Brian, father of two capable and precious boys Eric and Chip. What will Brian’s legacy be as he moves into retirement? He sits at the apex of an 8.5 million dollar estate, so perhaps that will be his legacy. But no, it is not that simple. When Eric graduates and takes over part of his father’s estate as a newbie financial planner, he’s got a lot to learn about what is truly important to leave behind. Eric’s life lessons occur partly because of a horrible tragedy: Eric, Chip, and several others are kidnapped in Brazil after the Olympics. Who will get out alive? Who will die at the hands of the Brazilian kidnappers? That is only one of several questions this story will have you asking.

I found The Legacy truly compelling. After a brief glimpse of the kidnapping, the book opens with Chip competing in the Olympics, a sub-story which is broad and intriguing in its own right. After the Olympics (you’ll have to read the book to find out how Chip does in his races, the 10,000 meter and the 5,000 meter dashes), Chip and Eric are part of a tour gone dreadfully wrong. Their kidnapping was well crafted and believable. The FBI response is somewhat shallow, but that didn’t impact my enjoyment of the story. I loved the ending: it had just the right amount of surprise and the right connections were eventually made. If you’re like me you won’t be able to put the book down until you’ve read every last word. Overall a great story and an excellent read. Thanks!

Cy Wyss

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