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writer cy: the review conundrum, part II: the indie reviewer

Everyone says getting honest reviews is key to any book marketing strategy. But, it’s harder than it looks. The first review conundrum was the apathetic reader, who won’t review your book even though they really liked it. This review conundrum, equally confounding, is the overworked indie reviewer: there aren’t that many of us, and we’re easily swamped. If only I could read faster, I might make longer inroads in my “to review” pile.


Cy Wyss

I am an author currently residing in the Indianapolis area. I write and review mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction. Sign up for my newsletter at right and get a free short story.

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    Well, yes, I would LOVE to be able to read A LOT faster (sorry, I refuse to skip parts of a book and review it!) AND completely get rid of writer’s block – yep, reviewers do get it as well! (especially thanks to life and all of the gems it throws your way…)

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