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review of Klubbe the Turkle by Philip Dodd



reviewed by Cy Wyss

“Klubbe” rhymes with tube or cube. “It is enough for a parrot to be a parrot, a walrus to be a walrus, an ape to be an ape, a crab to be a crab, but it is not enough for a turkle to be a turkle.” Thus begins Klubbe’s adventures as an inventor. First, he invents a spaceship and finds fame and honor building it, and intrigue in the stars flying it. He even stops at a little blue and green planet the inhabitants call “Earth.” When Klubbe gets back home his adventures continue.

I would give Klubbe 3.5 stars (rounds up to 4). The writing is smooth and the descriptions are beautiful, but the book is short on dramatic conflict. Klubbe finds only minor resistance to building his planet’s first spaceship out of nothing and what little resistance he finds is quickly and easily overcome. Similarly for his ship’s maiden voyage. I felt a lot more could have been made out of (for example) a trip to Earth, or a trip to a foreign unknown space station but these potentials pass by with little conflict. Perhaps for middle graders Klubbe the Turkle will be well-received, especially for those who love the idea of world building and don’t mind a slow pace. Here’s hoping book 2 has more action and less description.

Cy Wyss

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