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review of Illusion of Choice by Eric Ponvelle



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Illusion of Choice is set nearly 100 years in the future, after a horrible plague that turns humans into zombie-like creatures has ravaged the world, breaking down society’s resistance to being taken over by a single evildoer. The hero of the story, David Warren, is one of the new world order, a policeman under the world government, until he is attacked by not one but two of his fellow officers, both of whom attempt to murder him. To survive, he must go underground and throw his lot in with the dissenters, who have marked him as one of them already. Warren had the gall to help one of their members during a police maneuver, and the underground quickly realized he has a deep conscience.

I would give Illusion of Choice 3.5 stars (which rounds up to 4). The book could use some careful editing and at points the incorrect usage of words or a typo or two will throw you out of what is otherwise a fine story. There are many twists and turns, rendering what could have been a trite plot fresh. At some places the book seems to be a combination of classics such as Robocop and Universal Soldier, with it’s own take on their premises. Warren rises above himself to save humanity from the grips of the madmen in power and their technological suppression devices. It’s a fun ride.

Cy Wyss

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