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review of Blue Spirit by E. Chris Garrison



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Blue Spirit is the story of Skye, who is having a really bad couple days. First, she loses her cushy Starbucks job over a misunderstanding unfortunately involving Vodka, then her residence burns down—almost with her inside it—then her boyfriend blames her and leaves her for an uppity newcomer Skye terms “Queenie.” It might seem like an unlikely route to success, but the best heroes are tested in the worst ways. Skye befriends a plucky firefighter, Annabelle, and with the help of Annabelle and such unlikely allies as a dwarf-fairie “Transit King” called Bask and a skater-cum-wolf called Deke, Skye manages to come out on top.

The writing is brisk and compelling and Garrison’s characters leap off the page into the imagination, whole and complete like pretty pictures. I found Blue Spirit impossible to put down. I had to find out what happened next, and the fact Skye is a gamer and the climax scene is set at a LARP event for pretend vampires is pure genius. The book is a great mix of fantasy and in-book pretending, the two of which are somehow always kept straight despite their obvious affinities. Skye is a memorable and determined heroine, although I did have concerns at how quickly she dumped her boyfriend of years for her new firefighter friend. A small concern in an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable read. This smooth and light-hearted gem is a great read for a couple summer afternoons.

Cy Wyss

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