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review of Jack by Ann Livi Andrews



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Jack is the origin story of superheroes Jack and his twin brother Jesse. The book is also part of the serial “Rehab for Superheroes,” about aging superheroes created by “relics” and a government agent, Michael, who is trying to find the relics, ostensibly for research but in actuality probably for unsavory reasons of his own. In this installment, Jack and Quinn get away from Michael with help from erstwhile super-villain Jesse (Jack’s twin brother).

Like the other volumes in the series, this one is short. The pace is fast and the book is over before you know it. I found the beginning disorienting since I haven’t read the other volumes in the series. Probably this should not be marketed as a stand-alone novel but as an installment in the larger work. Nonetheless, the enigmatic Quinn and steadfast Jack are compelling characters in their own right and this book gives a glimpse into their relationship at a turning point. It’s a good, if quick, read and the fact that it contains the origin story for Jack and Jesse is a bonus.

Cy Wyss

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