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review of Dead Scary by Sally Gould



reviewed by Cy Wyss

It’s always important when reviewing to consider a book’s aim, and this one is Middle Grade. In Dead Scary, Adam is a teenager with a special gift. Like Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas, Adam can see ghosts. Unlike Odd, however, Adam can talk to them too. Adam and his family receive a surprise inheritance and move into the house of their dreams. There’s just one problem for Adam, though: the house is already inhabited, by a morose ghost named Edward. Edward wants the family out and Adam knows that’s not going to happen. Edward is no ordinary ghost, he’s special to the Earthbound Spirits and so facing him off is difficult, resulting in lots of threats and follow-up action, including an impressively done conflict scene near the end of the book.

I found Dead scary easy to read, well-paced, and age appropriate. Its author is Australian so there are minor Aussie-isms, which I found odd as an American. Other than that, there’s nothing to take you out of the story. The book is impeccably edited with nary a typo or vocabulary mistake in sight, something I respect and love among book selections. You can’t go wrong with this fun story and if I was middle grade, I would rush out and get everything else by Sally Gould.

Cy Wyss

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