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review of The Relationship Riddle by Susan Paulson Clark



reviewed by Cy Wyss

The Relationship Riddle is about Vince and Belle and how their tenuous and unpromising first contact leads to a relationship. Vince is a high school football coach and somewhat of a ladies’ man who’s never committed to any romantic relationship. Belle, on the other hand, is a small business owner who has had a tendency to commit far too soon with men who are toxic. She carries the baggage of an unsavory ex-husband, one of the things that gives Vince pause once he finds out. Through twists and turns, The Relationship Riddle follows this gentle and satisfying relationship as it blooms—potentially into something more. (You’ll have to read the book to find out.) After catastrophe strikes, will their relationship cement, or fall apart?

I liked this book. The writing was solid and impeccably edited, which is a potential pet peeve of mine. After just a few pages I was hooked, getting into both Vince and Belle’s well-drawn lives. The settings of these lives and the accompanying characters are both vividly described and compelling. Vince’s mom is a treat, a cantankerous old woman with an unfortunately terminal illness. How Vince deals with her is great, making Vince even more sympathetic. We learn he’s got his mom and that’s basically it—he’s a real sweetie. This strength of character shows in that he wants to become a foster dad, no small feat for a single man. In general, I think Vince carries this book and wish there were more stories to read about him. Both heroes (Vince and Belle) have good heads on their shoulders, if they can only circumvent the misunderstandings around them. A fine read, this book will be catnip for readers of romance.

Cy Wyss

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