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review of The Breaks by Eden Sharp



reviewed by Cy Wyss

Angela McGlynn is a martial artist and a hacker extraordinaire. I can imagine she might look something like MMA fighter Gina Carano, all muscle and defiance in a handsome package. McGlynn is a private investigator, set onto a missing girl by the girl’s father. What seems like a standard missing persons case is anything but, however. Eden Sharp weaves a multi-layered tale with an ambitious and expansive plot ranging from Eastern European mobsters to Latino gangbangers, from questionable narcotics cops to “carders” (information thieves who steal credit card numbers and print their own cards from them to use). Teaming up with McGlynn is John Knox, an ex-marine home from Afghanistan and still haunted by the ghosts of his past. He seems to suffer from classic PTSD but his instincts are still good. He’s looking for a new career and it seems McGlynn can help him, in more ways than one.

Overall, this book is a masterpiece. It is not a quick read, rather something to savor over several days. It has a broad, satisfying plot that isn’t your usual superficial genre fare. The characters are complex and well-rounded, even the bad guys seem multi-dimensional and memorable. I strongly recommend this book to fans of the hard boiled genre, or anyone who loves gritty, meaty detective/crime stories. Great work!

Cy Wyss

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