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Review of The Lament of Sky by Bb Wynter


Reviewed by Cy Wyss

The Lament of Sky is the story of Lilyth, a human who walks among gods. She appears to be some kind of magnetic channeler of the godly energy, at least her ego is large enough to encompass such a power. In this fantasy, however, her main power seems to be the power over the male gods who walk with her. First there is William, a lesser god known as a Duwaiu. Then there is Sky, a stronger magic being whose extent remains a mystery. With Sky by her side Lilyth journeys over the land to find her rightful place and try to restore her memory. There is the idea the journey is part of a larger plan to save the world from the cruel fiery god, Fhoenix.

Wynter’s prose is florid and fantastical, which will be catnip to lovers of fantasy although I found it opaque in places. The dream-like pace of the story gives a flowing forward movement which compels the reader to follow Lilyth on her journey. The ending surprised me, which is good. I didn’t find closure, however, and wonder if this is meant to be part of a larger sequence of works. Overall, I’d like to hear more of Lilyth and William, and especially more about the magic being Sky with the scintillating blue eyes. Four stars — a nice read for a cold winter day.

Cy Wyss

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