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review of Mickey Take by Steven Hayward


reviewed by Cy Wyss on January 13, 2015

Mickey is a man who, in some ways, is entirely unsympathetic — yet his story is so compelling you won’t be able to put it down. The suspense never stops. From the love interest, Grace, to the shadowy father figure, Herb, or the even more shadowy men in the background, Mickey Take features a memorable cast of characters, each with a dark secret. If you’re a fan of the Guy Ritchie type of British gangster movies, you’ll love the pace and tone of this really fun book. I found it a smooth and magnetic read.

from the back cover:

When a debt goes bad… someone’s looking to make a killing.

Michael Field just lost his City job and his beautiful wife in one fell swoop. Unemployed and down on his luck, he’s propositioned by one-time friend, Herbert Long. The job is non-negotiable – pay-back for a cover-up years ago. But something’s not right; it all seems too easy…

It’s not just the job that doesn’t add up. Part of him is flattered by the improbable advances of the beautiful young woman who calls herself Grace de Manton, but his inner realist is suspicious. What is her game? And could she be connected with Herb somehow? He can’t shake the feeling he’s being watched. Then there’s the threatening voice of a stranger down the phone… and that man lurking in the shadows.

In this complex criminal web, Mickey doesn’t know who to protect and who to fear. But with even those closest to him seemingly involved, who can he trust? A hapless pawn in a bigger game that’s playing out between local crime lords, all he knows is whatever happens, he’s not going back into that bloody chamber…

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